Which Internet speed do I need?

Trying to decide which Internet speed is right for you?


It's 7:00 am. You get in the shower and little more than a trickle spurts out! "Who's using all the water!?" It turns out three other people are taking showers and wondering the same thing.

It's 8:00 pm. You turn on your Roku to watch your favorite show on Hulu and you get nothing but buffering! "Who's on the Internet?" Turns out the same principles that apply to water pressure apply to your Internet. But, the amount of available water is termed bandwidth (Mbps) in Internet lingo.

How many use the Internet in your home?

If five people are taking a shower at the same time, each of you will have low water pressure. The same with Internet. The more people sharing the Internet, the more Mbps you need. The number of connected devices in your home (smart phones, laptops, tablets, smart TV's, etc.) also plays a role.

What is everybody on the Internet doing?

If everybody needs a small trickle of water at the same time you won't run into a problem, but if you are trying to run 5 washing machines, you'll have some issues. Things like watching online videos, playing online games, downloading pictures and files use more bandwidth (Mbps) than checking your email. If you use the Internet mostly for browsing the Internet, a lower speed will be fine. If you are watching lot's of online videos, consider a higher speed.

What is Mbps?

Mbps (megabits per second) measures data transfer capacity. For Internet, mbps measures the amount of data your Internet connection can send or receive per second. This is the size of the pipe.

Download Speed

The speed you download music, videos, pictures, etc. from the Internet onto your computer. This is information flowing from the Internet to your computer or device.

Upload Speed

The speed you upload music, videos, pictures, etc. from your computer to the Internet. This is data flowing from your computer or device to the Internet.